Max Gialanella

Full Stack Engineer with over a decade building professional web software.

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Work Experience

Ravenwulf Consulting
2023 - 2024

Full Stack Web Developer

Designed logo, corporate identity, built & launched, using Tailwind & Nuxt

Astound Commerce

Software Engineer - Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Joined a team of four, that redesigned storefront UI for fashion brand Rag & Bone

Streamlined, Apple pay, domestic and international payments for Rag & Bone, before a major sale, which facilitated millions in new revenue

RWS - IP Services
2018 - 2021

Senior Software Engineer

Build a large suite of in house business tools with custom front ends, databases and servers

Lead a team of five developers. Set team goals for improved standards in communication & quality

Single handedly replaced nine legacy applications. Rewrote frontend and backend code

Lead Software Engineer

Conducted interviews, hired and mentored five new developers

Built a release management platform leveraging Azure Pipelines and Bash

Created node.js microservices for file management, processing long jobs and authentication. Effectively offloading system resources and increasing application speed

Article One Partners
2013 - 2018

Software Engineer

Rewrote outdated jQueryUI front end in React, migrated entire software stack from PHP 5 to 7

Updated and maintained custom, enterprise, software platform using PHP, Zend, Node.js and Solr

Jr Software Engineer

Updated front-end with new CSS styles and libraries for modern and responsive web

Learned to be Agile. Learned to apply Git, Bash and modern web standards to my workflow

Key Skills

Javascript ES6, Node.js, NPM 10

Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind, UI/UX 14

HTML5, CCS3 15

Linux, Bash 10

MySQL, PostgreSQL 10

PHP, Zend 2, Composer 6

DevOps Skills

Agile, SCRUM 8


Azure, CI/CD 4

OO Design, Architecture, MVC 10

RESTful, SOAP APIs, SaaS 8

Apache, NGINX, DNS

Secondary Skills

Python, Java 8

React, Angular, jQuery 7

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Salesforce Javascript Developer

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer


BS - Computer Science
University of Massachusets Amherset

Personal Project

Solid Scribe

A zero-access encrypted, secure, note taking application.

Leverages applied cryptography and web-sockets with a modern responsive design.

Review my work: Solid Scribe Source Code


Building PCs & Keyboards

Cooking, Diet, Nutrition

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ultimate Frisbee

Coffee Snobbery


GitHub Personal

Software is a passion.

I'll never stop building cool things.

Max Gialanella

Personal Projects

Recent Examples of Professional software and passion projects.

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