Max Gialanella
Full Stack Software Engineer passionate about web technologies
Astound Commerce
2021 - 2023
Software Engineer - Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Launched a new SFCC, online storefront for Rag & Bone using Typescript, Node.JS and other JS technologies. Updated & streamlined, domestic and international payments before a big sale which facilitated millions in new revenue.

RWS - IP Services
2018 - 2021
Senior Software Engineer

Worked with managers to build a suite of internal tools for a partner company. Creating custom systems for time tracking, invoicing, a live card-wall, dashboards, forms with intelligent validation, extensive reporting and tools allowing for mass data import.

Worked with managers to create a dynamic form-building system to allow multiple clients to input custom data with customized auto-complete rules per client, removing the need for Marketing interaction.

Fully rebuilt nine legacy Single Page Applications. Worked directly with managers and QA to scope out all existing functionality, then wrote scalable replacements.

Lead Software Engineer

Lead a team of developers in system design and releases. Pushed for improved standards in communication, quality.

Leveraged Azure Pipelines and Bash to stand up a DevOps suite that automated builds, package management, version control, source compression and production releases.

Created a highly performant, browser-based PDF annotation & highlighting system with Vue. Annotations were converted to images and OCR'd for searching, allowing for cataloging of highlighted data across thousands of documents.

Created email invite tool to orchestrate thousands of emails, inviting specific users based on skills, reporting stats and managing email queues.

Article One Partners
2013 - 2018
Software Engineer

Rewrote outdated jQuery font end in Vue.

Worked to migrate system from PHP 5 to 7.

Migrated legacy file system to Microsoft Azure in PHP and Node.

Updated systems to be GDPR compliant with intelligent data purging and better management of stored data.

JR Software Engineer

Update old system to use dynamic template engine and Doctrine ORM.

Integrated system with external APIs.

Updated front-end with new CSS styles and libraries for modern and responsive web.

Learned to apply GIT, Agile, bash, and modern web standards.


Javascript ES6, Node.js, NPM 10

PHP, Python, Java 8

HTML5, CCS3 15

Linux, Bash 10


MySQL 10

Agile, SCRUM 8

OO Design, Architecture, MVC 10

RESTful, SOAP APIs, SaaS 8

UI, UX 14

Azure DevOps, CI/CD 4


Vue, React, jQuery 7, Express.js 6


Zend 2, Composer 6


Salesforce Javascript Developer

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer

Personal Projects

Solid Scribe - Encrypted Note Taking PWA using Vue, Express, & applied cryptography. Source Repo

Projects Blog


Computer Science Major
UMASS Amherst


Ultimate Frisbee

Building PCs & Keyboards

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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